bSafe - Never Walk Alone

bSafe - Never Walk Alone

Category Lifestyle Compatibility 5.0 Seller Mobile Software AS Content Rating Everyone Last Updated Sep 8, 2023 Version 4.0.0
Category Lifestyle Compatibility 5.0 Seller Mobile Software AS Content Rating Everyone Last Updated Sep 8, 2023 Version 4.0.0

App Description

Welcome to bSafe - Never Walk Alone, the ultimate personal safety app designed for English-speaking users! With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, bSafe is here to empower you and provide you with peace of mind wherever you go.

With bSafe, you'll never have to walk alone again. Whether you're on a late-night stroll, commuting alone, or exploring new places, bSafe has got your back. By simply pressing a button, you can alert your pre-selected contacts about your location and situation, ensuring that help is always just a touch away. Your loved ones will receive a detailed alert message along with your GPS location, ensuring they can take immediate action.

One of the standout features of bSafe is the Guardian Timer. It lets you set a timer when you're heading out alone. If you don't deactivate the timer before it expires, bSafe will automatically send an alert to your contacts, letting them know you might be in danger. This extra layer of protection ensures that someone is informed even if you're unable to call for help yourself.

Worried about your daily commute? With the Follow Me feature, you can share your journey in real-time with your trusted contacts. They can track your movements on a map and know exactly where you are until you reach your destination safely. This feature can be invaluable, especially in unfamiliar areas or during unexpected circumstances.

bSafe also offers a Walk With Me feature that allows you to invite friends or family to virtually accompany you while you walk. During the journey, they can monitor your movements and communicate with you through the app. It's like having a security team by your side, creating an added sense of security and reducing any anxiety you may feel when walking alone.

Your safety is our top priority at bSafe. The app has been designed with meticulous attention to detail, incorporating comprehensive safety features backed by cutting-edge technology. Rest assured knowing that you have a powerful tool in your pocket ready to provide the protection you deserve.

Don't compromise on your safety - download bSafe - Never Walk Alone today and take control of your personal security. Empower yourself and enjoy the freedom to live your life to the fullest, knowing there's always a safety net just a tap away.

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